New Rules - Dua Lipa





    Music video New Rules
    Created by Livé
    Made for Dua Lipa
    Figurants (dancers/models music video) by Livé.
    Clothing by Livé.
    Dance geography by Livé.
    Role play by Livé.
    Location for recording by Livé.
    Location of recording (planned): Miami, Florida, USA.
    New Rules music video was created in May of the year **** in *******, ****** Europe.
    Music video released in the year of 2017.

    Music video has been viewed 1 billion times in 1 year!
    New Rules music video by Livé for Dua Lipa reached 1 billion views in one year time on the official YouTube channel, other YouTube channels are not included (neither other music (TV) channels or websites).
    On 21-02-2019 the music video (and song) New Rules reached 1.689.765.591 views on it's official YouTube channel.
    Music video published on YouTube on 7 July 2017.
    New Rules music video is also shown on Vimeo.

    New Rules music video by Livé for Dua Lipa.

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